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June 2018
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Let's put it this way. We visited in 2018, when my son was 16. He's now 18 and still talks about the great time we had at Fort Fisher. You have an 18 year old, getting ready to go to college, and the one place he wants to revisit is Fort Fisher. The location is amazing. The beach right across the road had low crowds, great waves and a very chill vibe. The trip into Carolina beach for dinner was short with tons of options available. The trip down the road to historic Fort Fisher State Park was a nice quiet walk around a historic Civil War fort. All in all, the location had everything we needed. The cleanliness was spot-on. The buildings were well maintained and easy to keep clean. Although some of the facilities had some age on them, the whole place was very family friendly and reminiscent of my early years in the military. The ONLY knock we had was the wifi/cell reception in the cabins. The hurricane construction made wifi VERY spotty and cell reception non-existent. While I don't spend much time on a device while in a place like Fort Fisher, two of us had online course work that we were keeping up with and this problem made things difficult. Overall experience: Amazing visit, great location, great people...Fort Fisher will always be on our "visit again" list.
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