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3-5 Jan 2020
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We had a great time here and the staff was amazing. They were full so we had to stay in the overflow area (electric only). This actually worked to our advantage because we had nobody around us and we had an awesome view of the Cape Fear River out of our front windshield. They are still rebuilding from hurricane damage a few years ago but they are almost back to 100%. They have new kennels that just arrived and looked great for those needed to board their dogs during their stay. Check in is temporarily located by the swimming pool and it is pretty tight if you are trying to get back there in anything other than a regular vehicle or small Class B or C. They recommend pulling over wherever you can find a place in the park, unhook and then drive to check in. If you already have your site assignment just go there first and then go check in. They are hoping to be back in the regular reception building by this Spring. We highly recommend this famcamp. Make your reservations early if you want to visit between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
Ft Fisher Air Force Recreation Area
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