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July 2018
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They are working hard to make this a great place to stay by upgrading some of the facilities. At $25 per night and just yards from the beach, it's hard to complain about Ft Fisher. However, if they don't pay attention to the small things, people may start going elsewhere. First, we were supposed to have side-by-side RV sites. They gave me sites 11 and 12 four months previous based on that request. However, in the process of pouring new concrete pads, they renumbered some of them (not all) and 11 is now several sites away from 12. Not the end of the world, as it is not a huge campground, but at least they should have told us ahead of time. We were quite confused upon our arrival, couldn't get a wi-fi or Verizon signal to call the office, so had to back a 50+ foot rig/truck all the way out of the RV area to drive down to the office to figure out what was going on. Once we finally got in our sites, we found that one had no cable hook up and the other had a hook up, but no service. Wi-Fi was down all week. When I asked at the front desk about it the lady just laughed and said "it will be fixed whenever the Army of Air Force decides to get around to it." No apology, poor customer service. Normally, I don't even watch TV or use campground wi-fi, but the RV area was a dead spot for Verizon (and my brother-in-laws ATT), so we had no connectivity at all. That makes it a bit tougher when trying to keep up with the bad weather we were having, as well as looking up things to do in the area. Also, the dumpster in the middle of the campground was not emptied for over 10 days - it was overflowing, smelled horrible, and was a gathering place for huge swarms of flies that made being outside miserable. I also told the office about this (they seemed completely unaware) and was told it would be emptied on Monday (it was Friday). I told them they needed to take care of it immediately as it was unbearable for sites close by, but no one seemed motivated to do something. It was still overflowing when we left. I found this to be representative of the staff's attitude all week. They seemed to act as if the customer was more of a burden than anything else. I've never encountered this in over 30 years of RVing - and certainly not at the commercial campgrounds up and down the coast. All in all, Ft Fisher has the potential to be a real gem, but the staff and management need to start paying attention to details or people will decide to pay a bit more and go elsewhere.
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August 11, 2018
Sounds like your unhappy.
September 03, 2018
In reply to an earlier comment

More like disappointed that they are not paying attention to details.
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