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May 2018
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Location cant be beat. Lots to do in area. Some issue going on during the week I am here before memorial weekend. Pool is closed for undetermined length of time - restaurant is closed, kayak/canoe rental shop is closed as well and they are extremely short staffed. I guess they are not happy about not receiving enough funding and take it out on customers. I read where other reviews said staff was helpful- I guess that one was off today. Ive been here 3 days and asked when someone will clean the bathrooms- (trying to find nice way to tell the truth; If you don't want MRSA or Scabies or impetigo or any other fungus infections- don't use any of the bathrooms offered to campers.) I was told- "You are welcome to the job of cleaning them if you want" They double talked saying they had cleaned them- but really only restocked paper and removed trash- I was further told about being short staffed but in a very rude tone like it was my fault. I would have rather been treated more civilly with an apology and offer to clean- but I think she was avoiding that offer because she would have been the one to have to clean those nasty bathrooms. I had to go 30 min down road to another campground and pay to use there shower.
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