We're always on the search for "secret" military campgrounds. No, not highly classified campgrounds, rather military campgrounds that aren't advertised or well known. The various military services don't do a good job of advertising their own campgrounds. We've found military campgrounds that aren't even advertised on their own website. For some reason, these campgrounds are a "secret" to most people.

One of the goals of this website is to list information on as many military campgrounds as possible. With the help of website users, over 8 "secret" military campgrounds were uncovered in our first year of operation. As I write this, 4 more were uncovered this month alone! With your help, I'm sure we'll continue to learn about more military campgrounds as we move forward. Usually, these campgrounds are ran by the National Guard. However, half of these are located on regular military bases, but are small, remote campgrounds. Sometimes they are remote and rustic campgrounds, mainly for tents. But not always. An RV Park was uncovered on a base that also has a popular RV Park. It's just that this "secret" RV Park isn't operated by MWR. This one happens to be ran by the Sportsman's Club on post.

Join in on the hunt! Let us know of any military campgrounds you're aware of, or have heard about that aren't listed here. We're looking for anyplace that's by the military and allow overnight camping.

January 2011 UPDATE: In the past 6 years, we've uncovered information on 22 "secret" military recreation facilties. Information on these additional campgrounds and RV Parks have been included on this website.