It amazes me that there are still "secret" military campgrounds out there that are not advertised, or well known. Additional military campgrounds are constantly being discovered and added to the website.

Thanks to your help, has the MOST current and complete information available on the MOST military campgrounds!

The following is a list of recently added military campgrounds:

Added in July 2008:

  1. Valdez Glacier Campground, AK. Valdez Glacier Campground is located at the base of the Chugach Mountains beneath the famous Valdez Glacier. The Glacier run-off provides a beautiful waterfall that cascades into a crystal clear creek. Visitors to the campground will be struck by its beauty and grandeur. Campers can watch mountain goats graze on the steep slopes overlooking the campground. There is also a pair of nesting bald eagles on site! Fishing charters and site-seeing tours also available.  Details can be found here.

Added in May 2008:

  1. Windy Nook, WA. This small, quiet and scenic campground is located on Indian Island, WA, which is full of history. It took awhile to verify this campground existed, but a couple resourceful website members helped dicovering the information on this hidden jewell. Click here for campground details.
  2. Valdez Military Recreation Site, AK. These vacation rental trailers are operated by Eielson AFB in Alaska. Located at a commercial RV Park, these rental trailers are ONLY available to authorized military personnel. They are situated on the beautiful Prince William Sound, a popular fishing destination. In addition to the rental trailers, fishing boats are also availble for rent only to the military. Details can be found here.

Added in April 2008:

  1. Camp Mabry, TX is located in Austin, TX. This small RV Park has a history of being busy. However, it's currently CLOSED for renovations, which promises to provide a nice military campground by next year. Campground details are available here.

Added in February 2008:

  1. DeParcq Woods, MN is located at Camp Ripley. This new campground is still under construction, which may take a couple years. During construction, the campground is open to self-contained RV's and tents. Located along the Mississippi River. Campground details are here.

Added in January 2008:

  1. Clarks Hill Training Center is located on Lake Strom Thurmond, SC. It's operated by the South Carolina Army National Guard. This quiet campground (when there's no training) has 10 RV/Tent sites with water and 30amp electric connections. Learn all about this newly discovered military campground here.

Added in August 2007:

  1. The Leitner Lake Recreation Area at Fort Gordon, GA has a small campground directly on the lake. Currently with 12 sites, there's plans to add an additional 20 sites and renovate the campground in 2008. Campground information can be found here.
  2. Only 2 Months Old! While still being improved, the Montana Army National Guard Training Site near Helena, MT has opened their small campground. There's 12 sites that include W/S. Electric, showers, and restrooms are planned for the near future. Since it's new, small, and limited facilities, this campground is currenty FREE! You can find the campground information here.

Added in July 2007:

  1. We were recently notified that Fort Dix, NJ, has TWO military campgrounds! The Willow Pond Camp is a 7 site campground and was already listed here (previously listed as Ft. Dix Campground). However, there's also a 12 site campground located near Range 14. The Range 14 Camp has been added to the website. You can find information about this campground here.
  2. A FREE military campground was reported as being available at the Sugar Grove Navy Information Operations Command in West Virginia. These 3 sites have water and electric, but are ONLY for tents and small RV's of less than 20'. Information on Sea Bee Camp is available here.