Scam Alert

"" is a SCAM website

The website with the address of "" is NOT operated by me. When it loads, you will get a variation of different notices from Windows Defender, McAfee, etc. stating your computer is infected, locked out, or your protection has expired. In all of these fake notices, you are asked to call a toll-free number to correct the problem. This is a SCAM. They will use various methods to get money from you. DO NOT call this number - just close your browser. Better yet, don't go to that website!

The correct website for U.S. Military Campgrounds and RV Parks information is at https://www.MilitaryCampgrounds,us. Notice the URL address ends in .US, not .COM. Of course, you probably already know this, or you wouldn't be reading this message. While I do own various other website addresses, all pointing to, I DO NOT own the .COM address. For many years, I've tried to purchase the .COM address, but it was already taken.

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