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April, 2017
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We were going to stay at Holloman but decided on this park dt ability to make reservations AND the description in our military book said there was a tour of the Trinity site twice a year. I based my trip to ABQ so that we would be here for the April 1st tour. On our trip west, I finally looked up info about the Trinity site and found that it was 3 hours away. So disappointing! But now I know and since our kids live in ABQ, I will have more chances to take the tour. This is a lovely site with amazing views of the Organ mts. There is a pool and workout facility but the pool does not open until 11am on the weekends so could not take advantage of it. Walking the golf course is very nice. So sad that it is closed as we would have loved to play it. Maybe the expected increase in the military budget will allow it to reopen. Too bad that a few residents do not come together and form a membership fee that would cover the cost of operation. It is really a pretty course there at the foothills of the mountains. There is a bath house that is not in great shape but the single shower has both hot and cold handles (not those awful buttons that turn the water on for a minute or so, usually just long enough to begin to feel the warm water coming) and a strong stream. The best shower since we left home 12 days ago. An extended family was camping here for one of their members military heartwarming! The wind was strong when we arrived but gentle the following day. We drove into Las Cruces on that Saturday and visited the Farmers Market. We took our dog and the place was very welcoming of dogs. People were super friendly and we talked with 4 different people from Maine in the area where we have a camp. Go figure. Plus while waiting for our burritos for lunch we started talking with the friendliest local couple and they gave us some good informationa about the area. We bought two vases from a retired navy yeoman...very nice, both the vases and retiree! Highly recommend a visit to the market if you are in the area on Saturdays.
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