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Sept 24-Oct 8, 2016
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We stayed at Kirtland Fam Camp September 24th-October 8th in a 32 foot fifth wheel. We came for the 2016 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. The Fam camp is divided into the old section and a new section. The old section has green grass and trees and a dog park. The new section just has gravel. It has wide and long pull throughs that are flat. Had to use the new section because I needed 50 amp service. Be informed, the utilities are shared on one pedestal between sites so we had to park close to our neighbor for access. The WiFi is so-so at best. The new section is well lite at night, with exceptionally clean bathrooms and showers. The only bad comment I could come up with is there are few goatheads or what we call stickers up north (Puncturevine or Tribulus terrestris ) in the parking area and my dog got stickers or goatheads in his paw pads a couple of times plus I dragged a couple of these nasty things into my trailer and my wife let me know about it. I highly recommend using Kirkland Fam Camp for the balloon fiesta; it just can't be beat. We used the KAFB outdoor recreation tour bus and admission tickets to get from the Kirkland airbase to the balloon fiesta and back which is a bargain for 18 bucks per session. Commissary and exchange are large and well stocked. The gas station has diesel. The Fam Camp is small showing its age and it is also a bargain for $18 per night. I need to add that Doreen the night host lady is a gem. I called the Fam Camp several times during the week and all I got was a recorded message on their answering machine. Doreen called me on a Sunday morning and said come over because “no one is turned away”. Thank you Doreen. Thank you Kirtland.
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