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New Mexico 145580
May 2015
(Updated: May 12, 2015)
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Come in the Eubanks Gate. If you can keep your rig between the lines on the highway, you can make it between the posts at the gate. Eubanks Gate is about a 1/4 mile from the Famcamp. If the office is closed, pick a vacant site then go back to the office and fill out the paperwork (lots of extra info is requested on the form) and drop the form (in a provided envelope) into the drop box. If there is an orange cone at a site, that site is claimed, but not yet occupied. Janet, the host, seems kind of grumpy to me. First time I've met a Famcamp host who was grumpy. The "new" part of the park is a gravel parking lot. At least you don't have to worry about leaves or twigs on top of the slides. Sites were long and wide with rigs alternating their direction. Lots of space between the passenger/curb side of each coach that way. Over the air tv was fine. Wifi signal strength was good, but the bandwidth (speed) was lacking. Water pressure was very good. Some noise from the Albu Sunport (airport). Hearing Reveille and Retreat again was nice. I may have been sleeping by Taps because I didn't hear it played. The dog park is in a corner of the "old" side of the park. It is nicely sized, but the area is more dirt than grass. It could be because of all the trees surrounding it or simply a lack of watering the grass. My guess is it is due to lack of watering. There are grassy areas with "No Dogs Allowed" signs, but some campers ignored those signs. There is either a trick to get the showers in the new area to work or they are simply lousy showers. Very little water volume out of either one.
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