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New Mexico 145580
April, 2015
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This review is a mixed bag of both pros and cons regarding what should be a great FamCamp. On the plus side is its convenience to the freeway system (I-25/I-40), diesel and propane sold on base, large and easily accessed sites (new area only), a large dog run (more on this below), free Wi-Fi (see below), and last but not least the convenience to the Albuquerque region and its many wonders. The negatives mar what should be a really pleasant experience. The older section still has many issues (we have been using this FamCamp off and on since 2004); several utility locations that ought to have been taken care of years ago – one site requires an extension to access electricity, several have 50 amp outlets, but only provide 30 amp service. The dog run has deteriorated over the years – we no longer allow our dog in it. There is little to no grass remaining, even minimal maintenance of the area is lacking – downed tree branches, dog feces (!), pick-up bags on the ground and not picked up. A water sprinkler system is installed, but we did not observe it in use, nor did we see any evidence of its use – dampness, etc. Some base housing children seem to enjoy using the area for play and tree climbing. The Wi-Fi is in serious need of upgrade; unfortunately this is an issue at many FamCamps around the U.S. And finally, many residents seem to not understand the rule/courtesy of NOT walking through other’s sites! On three successive days I had to remind someone to not walk through my site (two were older, “experienced” people that ought to have known better). A discussion with the office lady wasn’t much help.
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