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New Mexico 145580
23 Sept 14
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W.R. left this review using the Directory software: - We are at Kirtland just before the Balloon Fiesta. The park is FULL and overflow is also brimming. This being said, my primary information to pass on is that the Eubanks gate is no longer the gate of choice, in my opinion. The word "tight" is an understatement and there is little room for error. Serious scrape marks on the steel entrance gate beams underscore my comments. I concur in an earlier comment about the Gibson Gate as access. Its in 2 parts and the first part is wide and not a problem. The second element, splits into 2 parts, one being a "car" or normal "check your ID section and a second, to the right, parking area with a wide entrance to the main base. The trick is to get them to remove the pylons to let you through as mostly there is only one person manning the entire gate.|This base seems to be mainly just a security area for classified security companies. Military personnel are few and we have yet to see a patrole vehicle. Lots of airport noise, and some strange whooshing sound that echoes 24-7 from one of the gated civilian facilities. I find it quite unusual that civilian companies have their own fenced (seriously with, concertina wire on top, and one over 15 feet tall) within a military base. Also their own guards. We bumped into several of these when looking for the arts and crafts center.
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