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New Mexico 145580
Spet 11, 2012
(Updated: September 15, 2012)
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Eubank Gate closes at midnight and Wyoming gate closes at 1900. Gibson is the 24 hour gate. This Park could been one of the best if there was better management. The grassed areas are being overrun with "Grassburrs" which resemble grass and "Goatheads" that mostly grow around the edges. The yard maintenance folks run the lawnmowers over them scattering them even more. The dog run was out of poop bags in all three containers and when reported to the office. I got a "I don't have time to go get any." Although I don't think she would be missed for a 20 minute to get them. When I was there, the place was nearly full. You would think with the routers already on the poles and nightly income over $5000.00, WIFI would be furnished. Then onsite Camp Host is great and very helpful. The day employ could use some additional training in dealing with the public. Instead on sitting on her butte watching TV, she could police up around the office and update the site board out on the porch. I would recommend this park to anyone as the day trips in the area are outstanding.
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