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29 Nov 2011 - 28 Dec 2011
(Updated: April 03, 2012)
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The expansion to the east has greatly increased the capacity of this FamCamp, not only in number of spaces but in the size each camper has - some of the best sites you'll find if you have a big rig or more than one vehicle, or guests. All have full hookup, with 50 Amps. One error in construction was not burying the water pipes deep enough to prevent frequent freeze-ups and more than a few broken pipes. We experienced this in this visit as well as in past visits during New Mexico's occasional very cold snaps, which can happen anytime from November thru March. We had a pipe burst adjacent to our trailer, and were showered in spray for over an hour from 9PM into the night, while contract civil engineers were called to shut off the water! Lots of ice formed on the trailer, and the site resembled an ice rink by the following morning! No damage done, everything melted when it hit 32 degrees about 10AM. But campers should know to ALWAYS disconnect their water when there's a prediction to go below freezing. Helpful staff - Janet, the host, is great to work with. Always accommodating with pay-as-you-go, because they'd rather not refund, unless really necessary. Credit cards welcome, and late arrivals and early departures are never a problem.
Still no wifi because of concerns about interference to the mission at the Sandia National Labs, yet there are mo restrictions on using routers if you connect via a Verizon or Sprint card. Go figure - but a minor inconvenience, because the cards work just fine. The laundry facility is fair, and the shower and toilet facility is pretty poor. No issue with cleanliness, but these are old-old-old! Really in need of replacement, and better heating in the winter. Otherwise, a super 'user-friendly' place to stay. Would not hesitate to stay here anytime. Great Commissary and Good BX. Nice gas station/Class VI, and they sell cheap diesel! Fairly good, but older fitness center, convenient to RV park. Good Post Office. Excellent TV reception with line-of-site to the transmitters on Sandia Crest. Lots and lots of things to do in Albuquerque, right out the main gate.
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