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New Mexico 145580
June 20-21, 2008
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Staff was very friendly and helpful. It says they do not accept reservations, but we called early in the day and they told us to come on in and they would have a spot for us. Evidently they did fill up as there was an overflow area with limited or no hookups which had campers in it. There are about 50 campsites and one men's shower. One evening there were 3 of us wanting to use the shower at the same time. Shower wasn't all that clean either. Power pole was a mess. The 20 amp jacks didn't work at all, and the 50 amp socket was missing, leaving a gapeing hole in the panel. I used the 30 amp circuit, but wasn't getting enough amperage to run my air conditioners until I went out and tightened the internal wires myself. Wait... there is more... the concrete pad had a 3 inch curb around it. I came out of my RV at night and stepped down on the edge of that curb and sprained my ankle. Man did that hurt. Still does! No idea why that curb is there. I know... I should watch where I'm stepping. We did enjoy the wild bunny rabbits and the birds.
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