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New Mexico 145580
27 Feb - 19 Mar 2008
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We arrived around lunch time, the manager was eating as I was checking in. I got the opinion that she wished that i wasn't there. Also, we where not given the code to the bathrooms and laundry rooms when we checked in. We had to ask someone for the code. This is normal, according to the Rvers we talked to. Sometimes the manager is very helpful, other times she is more interested in watching TV. Just matters what day. Hours are posted for the office, but i don't count on the office being open in the afternoon. They do have a camp host, and they are very friendly couple. The camp has a great dog walk, and the laundry room is okay. They have a broken washer and dryer. Also they run the sprinklers every morning, again we where not informed of this. Everyday we woke up to a layer of ice on the patio and Railroad ties. You have to be careful. I guess my main problem, they just don't give out information that is important. They take your money, give you a site, and thats it. An information sheet (rules, code, ie) would be nice.
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