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November 2007
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I basically agree with vdub's review. It's a long way to drive, but it is quiet and it's also a way to avoid El Paso if you are heading to Carlsbad Caverns as we are. The auto shop here is very well equipped, including a hoist that easily handled our one ton Dodge dually. The staff at the auto shop was very helpful, not only with the work my husband was doing on the truck, but also with advice on the best route to Carlsbad! (Not the one we'd planned based on the maps we had.) My only real gripe is that the pet rules are not enforced. The gentleman (?) next to us has a large dog that has been allowed to make "deposits" all over his lot. If the weather were warmer, it could be quite smelly. I mentioned this to a man at Outdoor Rec a few days ago, but nothing has changed. My impression is that no one from Outdoor Rec visits the CG on a regular basis to check out the sites. Also (and this is beyond their control) the dumpster is emptied every morning before 0530--and the sound carries a long way! (Reville and bugle calls I expect--but it would be nice to postpone the "bang, bang, bang" until 0700 or so, at least. That said, for $10/night for full hook ups, it's a good deal for a short visit.
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