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New Mexico 76818
February 2023
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Beautiful location and a staff that went out of their way to find us a site. A couple of important notes, though. 1. This is the first installation we have visited that requires RV's to use the truck lane at the gates. The sign says delivery trucks use right lane, but they mean anything larger than a car. They told us a large vehicle would not fit through the serpentine barriers. 2. The RV park office has moved to building 3288? - the old Frontier Club. You can see it almost straight ahead when you pull into a site (the RV storage lot is next to it), but it is about a 1/2 mile hike. There's a closer building surrounded with construction fencing that may have been the office at one time. Didn't see any restrooms or showers, but I didn't really look. 3. The sites are nice, but narrow with posts on each side that required some jockeying to fit the slides around them. Plenty long even with the toad hooked up. 4. The VZN internet service was good enough to stream TV the evening we arrived, but went away the next morning. Probably only one cell tower in the whole county. Overall, this is a very nice fam camp with some spectacular views and lots of quietness. We'll be back after the museum re-opens.
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