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2022 MAR 09
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Second time we've stayed, and I probably should have paid closer attention to other reviews about the gates. Our 35ft Class A with Jeep made it through the Eubanks gate, but Security had to remove a few of the metallic posts, and we barely (I mean pencils width) made it through. So, use the gates on the west side of the base! We got there about 2300 (again....) and found an empty space on the 'new section', because the signs that used to point to the FamCamp are gone (from Eubanks). There are no reservations, and it's first come/first serve. Grab an open space (unless there is a cone in the way) and walk to office to verify it is available (look for the grease pencil marks on the board), fill out the paperwork and drop it (and cash if used) in the box BY THE STEPS. Commissary and PX are across the base, but we were only here for the night and didn't use any facilities, and since we got in so late, we never saw anyone from the FamCamp staff or a Host. Definitely want to stay here longer when we can.
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