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Oct 2020
(Updated: October 25, 2020)
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Stayed here about 3 weeks. Planned for 2, then had a mechanical issue the day we left and this ended up being the closest park that had space when we headed back toward Albu. When you arrive, you can just take a site as long as it's empty and doesn't have an orange cone on it. You can pay at the office then next time it is open if you don't want to write down your credit card info on the paperwork. Daily dose of Reveille, Retreat, and Taps didn't bother us. Stayed in the gravel (new) section. Next time I'll look for a 50 amp site in the old section, just for some more shade and for slower speeds past the sites. Some people have no clue the speed limit is 10 mph. Restrooms appeared to be good the 2 times I used them. Dog park is nice and dog owners mostly picked up after their dogs. There are 4 washers and dryers, but only 3 of each were working. They have a dog wash station and a dog grooming table adjacent to the building with the washing machines. Little kids appeared to enjoy the kiddie playground. Eubanks gate seems to be open from 0600-1800 weekdays, NOT 24/7. It is under construction. Saw a fifthwheel lose it's ladder (mounted on the driver's side toward the rear) when the driver failed to pay attention as he drove thru the gate. He later admitted he forgot to look at this site for current info. He's also lucky the SF moved the weave poles for him at the gate. If you make it thru the Eubanks Gate, turn right at the first traffic signal. It is 20th St, not F Ave SE. Then turn left at the next intersection. Saw a Class A get refused entry at the Wyoming gate. SF members weren't moving those weave poles. Gibson gate also has some construction, but some rigs could probably make it thru. There are a few harsh speed bumps there though. Truman is the easiest. Coming off I-25 onto Gibson Rd EAST, the asphalt quickly turns to concrete and the road sucks in a long bed crew cab. The concrete slab joints are at the perfect interval to bounce the heck out of you and it is almost 3 miles to Truman. Turns back to asphalt when you're almost at Truman. If you're coming on I-40 and want the Truman Gate, the Louisiana (south) or San Mateo (south) exits offer asphalt roads all the way. Both roads end at Gibson Blvd. When you get to Gibson Blvd on Louisiana, you can either go straight, then turn left and go in the Gibson Gate, or turn right at Gibson and go about a half mile to the Truman Gate. On San Mateo, turn right and immediately get into the left lane, because you'll turn left onto Truman in a few hundred feet. IMO, Louisiana is the smoother of the 2 roads. If you need welding or suspension work done while in Albu, I recommend McBride's Welding and Spring on 2nd St downtown. They helped me out when I needed it. The base auto hobby shop is well equipped. They have a lift that can handle a 1-ton dually if you want to rotate tires, change oil, whatever. They also have a drive on lift that can handle a 1-ton, but you can't rotate tires on that. Great Fam Camp, great base, great city. ---- ** Caveat to the on-base driving directions can stay on Hardin instead of turning left onto Wyoming. It will bring you out adjacent to the Eubanks gate. Just keep going straight on Hardin. The construction mentioned in other reviews is done.
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