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Aug 22 - 25, 2018
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Go in the Truman gate. This is a giant base so be patient and you'll find the fam camp. It's a large parking lot but very large spaces on the "new" trees just gravel. Fine if this is a jumping off point to see things in the area. They really need to take reservations here. We were lucky and rolled right in but I'd hate to get all the way here and not have a place. I thought the bathroom/shower rooms were just fine and were very clean. Power was off the last morning we were there which was a small inconvenience. The woman at the desk of the fam camp was helpful when I called prior to getting there but grumpy when I checked in. Maybe she just had a bad day but she was a bit dismissive which put me off. The base has everything you need for food shopping and other stuff and the location is great if you are exploring the Albuquerque area. We were surprised at how close it was to everything. The hookups in the 'new' area were a little confusing as you have two sewers and two waters next to each other (so one RV would then face one way, one face the other) but we got there first and picked the ones we wanted. I liked it here as a base of operations for that part of New Mexico. The nightly fee was reasonable. would have felt a little better if they took reservations but it's a big place so not sure if it ever is full to capacity. 
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