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New Jersey 52067
September 1-14, 2016
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We stayed here for two weeks, including over Labor Day, and were pleasantly surprised by the experience. Upon arrival at the gate, we were given a welcome packet with our site number and information on where the office is to check in after setting up. When you arrive, you will pull in through a large building which is the ID check. Stay in the right lane, since the left is for commercial deliveries. The sites are long and paved and very easy to back into, but the connections are not placed in the best spots. The power pedestal is located at the back of the pad, and was a stretch for the length of our cable, so check your power cable before you park. The sewer connection is the worst I've ever seen, it is located in the middle of the pad right under where our axels were. I had to crawl under the axels to connect the sewer, and had to remove part of the piping from the plug because it was sticking up four inches high. That aside, everything else was great. It was quiet and you have enough room to not be on top of your neighbors. Although we did have an issue with one neighbor who had guests over and blocked our parking access, so I had to go ask them to move, even though they were sitting outside and watched us pull up and still did nothing until I asked. The utilities worked well, no cable TV, but over the air channels were fine and wifi is standard Navy GoWifi. The laundry room has three washers and dryers and all worked well. It was perfectly located to visit our family and be able to catch the train to NYC. There is no commissary on base, but a Super Walmart is about 10 minutes away, and I recommend visiting Delicious Orchards just up 34 for great baked goods, fruits, vegetables and deli meat. The base is small, but we still had plenty of areas to walk our dogs without worrying about traffic. Aside from the connection locations, it is a very nice campground and we would definitely return. 
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January 01, 2017
My family is planning a trip to NYC and we are going to be staying at this campground. I noticed in your comment you said you took the train into NY. Could you please give me some information about the train that you took. I have no clue what to look up. You can email me at Thanks
February 27, 2017
Comments are in those locations because this used to be the mobile home area and is set up as such.
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