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New Jersey 33862
Oct 20-26, 2009
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Things here are still pretty much the same. However, the materials for sewer hookup are on site and no one seems to know much about them. Talking to other people, they have been here for about 2 months. My neighbor has been here for over a year. He has something to do with the base operations and did know some of the things that were being done on base, but even he didn't know when the sewer would be in. With sewer hookups here, it could be a better campground. Having to go on base to dump station is somewhat of a pain. The company that services the porta potty here will do your tanks for you at a reasonable price. When I was here last year, everyone was taking "blue boy's" to center of campground and they were emptied by this company. Again, this is a good stopping off place and possible place to stay while exploring the area. Not that far to shore, Atlantic City or Cape May. Also close to Philadelphia. I will probably be staying here again.
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