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New Jersey 33781
April 18 to May 2, 2008
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This is my second time at this campground. There are 12 spaces but some are small. There are only two water hookups. One is split 4 ways and the other had just the one outlet and the head was cracked so water sprayed everywhere. Most electric hookups are ok, but if you are in an even numbered site, it is on the wrong side. The water hookups are located between sites 2 and 3 (with broken head) and sites 8 and 9. Unless you are close to one of these, you need a lot of water hose. The dump station is at Willow Pond, located on base about 3 miles away. It is normally very quiet here. The $100 a week is not too bad, but $20 a day is no bargain. It is a nice place to get away from it all because most of the time there is no one around. The skeet club is here on weekends, but just do their thing and do not bother you. At the easterly end of the campground, beyond the trees there is a building with showers. There is a porta potty on site, so two weeks without dumping is not a problem. Last time here I went 3 weeks.
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