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May 20 - June 10, 2021
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I do not understand why there are no additional reviews of this Campground since 2018. I am currently staying at Sea Girt and came here wIth expectations to do some Surf Fishing. I knew due to my early arrival on May 20th that the Water would not be turned on nor would I have access to the Bathhouse. No problem for me on both those counts but what was not told and which makes the early reservation rather disingenuous is they do not tell you they keep the Beach Area Closed / locked behind a Screen Link fence until Memorial Day weekend so forget about fishing on the beach. If you have any issues you can forget about reaching the Management Staff unless it between the hours of 9-12 on a Wednesday. All calls go unanswered and they don’t have the courtesy of providing an option to leave a voice message. I also found most of the Sites have an incorrect crazy sewer drain fitting that does not allow a proper connection. To get a RV connection to function you need to pull it off to get to the 4 inch pipe underneath to connect so the sewer drain will flow downhill and not be attempting to flow uphill. Hey, not all is dismal, the Base Security and Base Maintenance folks are great to work with and yes, the location is great to access off base Restaurants and Beaches. For a Fisherman having the Beach open from 9am to 7pm cuts out the prime early morning and late evening surf fishing time so you need to leave the base to go to one of the other towns to fish - that’s just crazy. During the Day if you want to fish they relegate you to the northernmost part of the beach which means you need to walk 500 - 600 yards across the beach with all your gear to get to that part of the beach. I camp at a lot of Military Bases but this is the worst managed Campsite I’ve seen yet. BTW, the State of NJ runs this base so no Dogs are allowed on the Base - go figure that one out! I guess if you want to go to sit on the beach between 9am and 7Pm then this is the place for you but not so good if you’re and early riser like me or a fisherman.
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