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Nevada 197432
16-21 Oct 22
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Guess I'm an outlier...I didn't find the new sites appealing at all. The are too narrow and too close for comfort. I had to park my truck at an angle to avoid hitting the neighbors sewer hose as well as the living room slide on my 5th wheel. Pulled in the passenger side mirror to give myself a little more room to get around the truck as well. Also had the truck's rear sitting about a foot into the road. One of the hosts said longbed trucks have issues with the parking spaces at the sites. Had a site in the 190 row. Park's wifi signal was too weak to work and my Verizon jetpack had weak signal, too. At least the sites and interior roads were easy enough to maneuver around. One positive thing is the price. I wouldn't be surprised if the price goes up in a year or 2. If we had been in the old sites, now called "Premium sites", my ratings would likely be higher. Those sites are huge and offer more privacy. The new sites remind me of a typical RV park that crams RVs together to maximize occupancy. Would likely stay in the new sites again for an overnight or 2, but not for anything longer. This park is probably in the bottom 3 of Fam Camps I have stayed in.
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