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16-17 DEC 2020
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Caveat: COVID stays are always different (usually for the worse) than non-COVID stays. Site: Circle 4, Site 88. In that light, I'll start with the limited CONS of our recent stay at Desert Eagle. Most amenities and facilities were temporarily closed (presumably due to the virus) including restrooms and showers. This isn't normally an issue, but being in a public park without operational restrooms is much more limiting than being on BLM land without any restrooms. Add one poorly-timed toilet failure and we got pretty good at shooting across the highway to use the facilities on main post. WiFi was also an issue for us as it's only offered for a fee within the park. We appreciate that this is a cost center for the base, but plenty of RVers rely on that connectivity for daily support activities (work, paying bills, etc.) and may not always have mobile plans to fall back on. The PROS, however, definitely outweighed these slight inconvenience. The Desert Eagle is a clean park with new fixtures (pads, tables, etc.) and a layout that puts a good 30+ feet between rigs. The surrounding views aren't anything to write home about, but the park addresses that with some well-placed foliage and a good overall design. Neighboring campers were quiet and respectful (as expected on base), and the kids loved the free airshows that occur throughout the business day. That latter bit might be a con for some, but as an aviator myself I'm always game for a bit of plane watching. No night flights while we were there, which may have crossed a line when it comes to bedding smaller kids. Lastly, the Vegas strip is a mere 10-15 minutes away, which in other times would have made for quick access to all sorts of fun. In our case we simply used the proximity to order dinner from some of our favorite restaurants for a couple nights. Overall very happy we visited Desert Eagle and looking forward to our next pass through!
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April 20, 2021
Not sure when it might have changed, by WiFi is free and pretty fast. When signing in you have to choose the Viasat_WiFi not the Desert Eagle WiFi network. I asked about this when I arrived the end of March.
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