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Aug 6 thru 27, 2020
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We stayed at Desert Eagle from 6 to 27 Aug 2020. Aside from the oppressive heat (averaging 104 to 114 degrees) the park is very nice. We stayed in space 86 which is in the old loop section. The spaces are nicely spaced, so much so that there is enough room between them you could put another RV, which some money hunger parks do. The sites are all concrete with concrete patios as well. The loop sites have many trees and the shade they provided helped significantly with the heat. There is a walking path around all 4 of the loops with plenty of well stocked doggy bags and disposal bins for picking up after you dog. There is ample room to park you RV when you arrive for check in and maneuvering around the park is very easy even for the largest RV’s. The staff were very nice and a pleasure to interact with, they obviously enjoyed working there. The new section of the park is very nice as well; however they built the sites much to close together for my liking. There are no trees either (no shade) which exposes you to that hot Vegas sun all day. Even with the shade we had a hard time keeping the RV cool and the best we could do was the upper 80’s during the heat of the day. However, the evenings and nights were much cooler and the AC’s kept the RV nice and cool for sleeping. The best way to get to the RV park is through the N Las Vegas Blvd gate. However, use caution. Once through the gate there are large speed bumps and they have put the concrete barriers pretty close so squeezing a RV through them is tight to say the least. However, if you go slow and use caution it’s manageable. Once through just go to the first stop sign and turn left and follow the signs to the park. You’ll see the park as soon as you get through the gate. I would not recommend exiting the base through that gate with your RV. There barriers are even closer together and getting through is very tight. I watched a large 5th wheel go through and he only had a few inches clearance on either side. I wouldn’t risk it. You can drive through the housing area and exit onto E Craig Rd which will take you straight to I-15. Nellis is a very large base and is divided by North Las Vegas Blvd. The north side is mostly housing while the south side is where the commissary and BX are located. Due to COVID the base commander only allows retires to enter the south side on weekends. Evidently, we are not contagious on weekends. All this accomplished was to force all the local retirees to cram the BX and commissary on weekends along with all the active duty. Sorry but I cannot see the logic in this decision. That aside, we enjoyed out stay there and look forward to returning one day. It won’t be in the summer months though. If you’re planning a stay there and can pick you dates, I would recommend you not go in July, August or September. One sort of a downside is that Walmart and Costco are not close by. Getting to them is about a 10-mile drive through the city. There was a Walmart right outside the main gate, but it was boarded up and abandoned from some reason. The base gas station does not sell diesel and fuel prices off base were a little high. The cheapest I found diesel was $2.49.9 a gallon. There is much to do in and around Vegas but the heat kept us from doing much. It was just too hot. All in all, Nellis is a really nice base and Desert Eagle a great RV park. If you get a chance go, you won’t regret it.
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