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January 2019
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Yep, they did it. Had to install some sort of a valve in the water system for the entire FAMCAMP and some other facilities in the area. Shut off the water on a Friday evening and actual work was supposed to be completed by Saturday, including sanitizing the lines and flushing. Water sample then supposedly sent/taken(?) to State(?) County(?), someone, (no one can tell you who) but they don't work weekends. Water was supposed to be on by 6PM Wednesday. Of course it wasn't and the latest GUESS was maybe sometime Thursday, but of course no one has a clue. There is a water bowser near check in, but for 3-4 days there was only a 3" hose available and you had to go to the office to find that. No reduced rates, refunds, or even a reasonable explanation. Sorry about that. The office folks try but when no one keeps them informed there's nothing they can do. Obviously, no one in authority cares the least. Many people have gone elsewhere for the duration or have just forfeited their payments and left. Other issues as well. Although the FAMCAMP is on base it's located directly adjacent to the active runways and under the downwind so be prepared for constant extremely loud noise from 7AM on every weekday. So loud all conversation stops. But the posted quiet hours are until 8AM each morning. Bet that works out well for the tenters and those not using full hook ups but needing to use a generator for one reason or another. Overall recommendations, spend a few bucks more and go elsewhere. Doubtful we'll be back.
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June 04, 2019
Might I ask what do you expect when your on a HIGH work load base with its mission!! As well the TBIRDs home station?? Guess someone didnt do there homework!! Nellis is the busiest base in this area due to its misions!!! And I guess you dont like the sound of freedom!! LOL
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