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Oct. 20th 2012
(Updated: October 23, 2012)
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BE AWARE of Electric problems!!! We pulled in and left after a frustrating 1 1/2 hours! Evidently they had a transformer blow on Monday BUT it is not fixed. We plugged into 50amp and put out slides and jacks down and went into set the TV and no power. Nothing in 30amp and no 110 outlets on base to put in our tester.... we checked other lights on the bases and another RV'er who had just pulled in was having problems. We walked around to check what we could and went to try the 30amp in another site...after plugging in we saw the meter peg 140V. I called outdoor rec and the young man said he would make a couple calls and get back to me-never did! We and two other couples immediately packed up and left. I don't know if they will fix as it is "off season" and no host there and the 30amp older side seemed to be fine(unless they were not aware)and maybe outdoor rec thought I was a female who didn't know what I was talking about...SO please check electric!!!
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