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First off, I have called a few times this past winter to find out about staying here for awhile while we were going to be PCS'ing out. I talked with a gentleman over at Equipment Rental and he said that there are monthly rates for those PCS'ing in or out of Offutt. So when I called to make a reservation for this month the lady said "Oh no, we have no need to have monthly rates." As if this park is the greatest thing next to sliced bread. So even tho we are PCS'ing out. On on the FamCamp page ( it says there are monthly and weekly rates available. What in the world, how come some people can't get their info correct. Another thing, if you stay here do not get the back in's on the East side. They are ridiculous to try and back a larger 5thwheel into. The post's get in the way, not enough room to pull up and straighten, totally ridiculous. I would say a mid 20 footer is the max for these spots. Ask for a pull thru if larger than that. Oh and the people who are pouring the concrete pads are doing a horrible job, need to angle them better with the drive and make them bigger..and maybe make them a bit more level... But besides that it's a nice quiet location (except for the occasional train, which isn't too bad and airplanes of course, but that's expected being next to an AFB). Real close to base too. Takes like 10 minutes max.
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