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April 7, 2010
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Having arrived a week before the season begins we understand the limited water source. What we did NOT expect was to be spectators to military dog training, which at one point found a military dog running around our rig, this had us thankful we were NOT outside with our 2 chihuahuas. The German Shepherd was failing to respond to his handlers call to heel..which was disconcerting to say the least. The 45min "attack" session was less than 100 feet kept us locked inside til this session ended. At the SAME time...there were literally hundreds of rounds of small arm fire sounding at the general area of the group area of the famcamp....not 150 feet away as well. No posted warning in advance, just a morning "wake up". I understand the need for training, etc...but PLEASE post warnings to expect this activity. We ended up calling the SP's when the gunfire started, as we believed this was hunter activity. Needless to say this has terrified our own dogs, and put us on edge. The SP's tell us this gunfire was to scare away the birds. Fine, just post a warning to all here in the famcamp to be aware of this possibility!! The area is very nice overall. The roads are NOT paved in the park, and it's raining now..the road is coated with a cement like paste that sticks to your shoes and tires, and automobile just like cement. I would not return to this park. There are too many other options with less disruptions.
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