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Montana 71209
Jul 29 - Aug 5, 2014
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We spent our first night at the annex, as the main campground was full. We enjoyed our stay at the main campground, and there was no wind (our first stay there was VERY windy). The host (who is a jerk) has established some rules such as you cannot hook up your toad at your site, even though there is plenty of room. Also, Outdoor Rec has decreed that campers in the Annex cannot use the showers at the main campground. Plus, they cannot use the washers and dryers at the main campground. There reasoning, which does not wash, is that the charge for the Annex is less (by $4.00) than the main campground. But the annex is also only 30 amp and gravel. We did not use the dining hall, although retirees can on weekends. The fresh water faucets are used by two RVs, which doesn’t help the water pressure to either RV. They give a 10% discount when using the AF credit (club) card, but don't accept coupons because of the discount. But, we enjoyed our stay, and would return if we were in the area.
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June 02, 2017
I understand your frustration. I am the new camp host for the 2017 season. You may use the laundry facilities here at the Gateway campground. We might ask to see you ID or what site you are in though. We really want to keep the downtown folks from using our benefits. The camp host does not make the rules. We are here to suggest that you follow them though. The reasoning for hooking up in the road or parking lot is because, with a long load people run over the grass with their heavy loads.

Bill Whitehurst, camp host 2017
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