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Montana 71689
6 June 2014
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WARNING TO ALL DOG OWNERS!!!! This military RV park IS NOT PET FRIENDLY!! We checked in and was giving a map. We found our spot with minimal problems. The people that explained the issues with these spots are correct. Sewer hole is much higher than ours which creates a difficulty emptying our tank. We have 2 dogs that are NOT outside dogs. On Sunday, I went to church with a friend and was taken to the grocery store following church. I was gone a total of 3 hours. When I returned to put my groceries away and to let my dogs out a man who identified himself as a volunteer asked me how I liked the park. I stated it was very nice. He then asked if I was given a copy of the rules and I said, I don't think so. He then proceeded to tell me that I was not allowed to leave my dogs inside my camper and leave the park. At first I thought he was either crazy or confused. I said I was never told that nor given rules. He then said if I left I had to take the dogs with me but since I wasn't given the rules it wasn't my fault. I was extremely shocked that they would even have this type of rule in the first place. I told him I traveled all over the United States and HAVE NEVER come across a rule like this. He actually told me this is a standard rule in campgrounds and he too has travel extensively. He also told me that I could ask for "special permission" to let the dogs stay in "my camper" while we were out. This is unacceptable! I am offended with this rule. We take very good care of our dogs and are always aware of things like temperature and whether it's appropriate to take our dogs with us. Leaving our dogs sitting in a car while we run to the grocery store or going to church with a friend on an 80 degree day tells me to leave the dogs in our home where it is cooler and they are more comfortable. It is apparently they dislike dogs to such an extreme that they are not thinking of the harm they could do to animals on a hot day. BEWARE as the rules say pets, so cats, I would expect cannot stay in your camper either. Finally, I left with my dogs and went to a friends house and the "volunteer" that everyone thinks is such a great guy left a copy of the rules on my door. RULE 2(c) Take your pets with you if leaving the RV Park and RULE 2(e) NO PETS WILL BE LEFT UNATTENDED-NO EXCEPTIONS. (Yes, it was on in CAPS)
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July 24, 2014
They have resolved the pet friendly issue. Thank you very much for your post. That helped us.
August 05, 2014
In reply to an earlier comment

I totally agree with you. When we started out full-timing, I had a book: Traveling with Pets or something like that. In it was a sample letter which I use. It explains that our dog will be either with us or will be in the motor home. We print a copy for the office and have one with us in the van. Our reason is that nearly everywhere we go, we are together. In an area where we are not known, what if we were involved in an auto accident and killed? The letter would be in the van and found and if our dog were to survive and wander off, someone would know to look for him. The letter explains where our motor home is parked and has our emergency contacts. This RV Park & their volunteers must not own a pet as cities/communities have laws about leaving your pet in your vehicle due to either cold or hot temps. And then the stores sure don't allow them to accompany you into them. That particular rule needs revised I would think. Being hosts at various parks, we have been made aware of quite a variety of rules regarding pets as people are always willing to share their experiences too. I personally don't believe it is good to leave a dog tied up outside and the owner leaves as no one knows what stray animals are in the area or how others have control of their dogs while walking them in the park.
2 results - showing 1 - 2