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Montana 65620
14 - 21 Oct 2008
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I had to do some work at the tng site, which made the RV park very convenient. Ours was the only RV in the park during our stay; perhaps, because the park closes at the end of October. The park is not paved and most of the lanes between power and water pedestals are not all that level. It rained while we were at the park, but the park surface has a lot of gravel and there was no mud as a result of the rain. There are no showers at the park and only a pit toilet. Our toilet failed while we were at the park and we were able to move into nice billets for the last part of our stay. We continued to use the RV during the day and for fixing dinner in the evenings. The rate for the site was only $10 per day, which they offered to waive when we moved into a room, but I opted to pay since we still used their power during the day. Everyone we met at Ft. Harrison was very friendly.
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