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Montana 71689
8-11 July 2023
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See above for electrical. First row 1-7 are 50 amp. Island curbs make hooking up sewer with our class A impossible. The 5th wheels seem to be able to make sewer work, but barely. No dump. No modern bathrooms or showers unless you go to gym about a block away. Gravel and badly placed small cement pads and cement picnic table in island. Closely spaced spots, our awning is about 1 foot from next sites trailer. Also not sure about camp host. We were instructed to come in north gate (signs and just north of main gate), and call security at number posted at gate. Waited less than 5 min for security to show up and checked in at billeting office about 1.5 blocks up the north gate road, billeting number posted above. Super nice security and billeting folks. Power pedestals have padlocks, even though we had keys, ours was unlocked. As noted by another reviewer, some of the power is on opposite islands, like it was meant for alternating direction pull throughs, this cannot work as there is not enough space and water and power are all on same side. Location is great, $30 a night is a bargain for area. The biggest two negatives are distance between sites and the sewer hookups being too high. It would be easy to cut out curb at sewer spot and recess the connection into a cement hole/valley.
Fort Harrison RV Park
Fort Harrison RV Park
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