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Montana 71577
4 August 2019
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There is no quick and easy way to get from the freeway to Ft. Harrison. You’ll have to go through city streets and neighborhoods. Getting onto the installation is easy enough, but takes a few minutes. The guard who let us in the north gate gave us a treat for each of our dogs. He also confirmed the reason for using the north gate is the security barricades at the main gate are too tight to let anything large through. Getting and returning the key for the hookups was simple. As has been mentioned, the sites have curbs and are too narrow, and some of the hookups are on the wrong side. It’s a fairly new camp and whoever designed it was meticulous, but clearly knew nothing about RVs or RV parks. The Billeting office knows this, but there’s nothing that can be done for it. The park was carefully laid out and the camp host maintains it meticulously. As verified by billeting, he’s a real/official camp host not a self appointed wannabe. He really does an outstanding job, and looking around at some of the decorations, etc. I suspect he’s putting some of his own money into the place. We were only here for one night, but would choose this camp if we ever get a chance to stay a few days and explore Helena.
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