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Montana 71575
August 2018
(Updated: August 12, 2018)
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Location is near shopping and groceries. The directions do not indicate how far from I-15 exit to Williams Street; it is about 4 miles. Once you get to Williams, there are clear signs to VA Hospital and Main Gate. The campground was easy to find. It is small but sites look new. There was no sharing of electrical as indicated in earlier information. Site were very well cared for: gravel was even raked. Sites are FHU and pull through; they are close together but level; no shade or wifi. Satellite reception was good. We did not use the bath house but it also appeared fairly new. Overall this is a good value for a place to stay while visiting the area. It is not a destination campground. The 3 rating for Cleanliness and Hospitality is lower because of way the category is combined: while everything was well maintained and a higher rating was deserved, the hospitality needs work. Our reservation was easily made and we received an email prior to arriving with our lock box # and code for late check-in. We arrived prior to that time, but the office was locked so we went ahead and got our key from the lock box. Curiously, I also had a second email for a second lock box. Since we were staying two days, we thought perhaps there was a different code for different days or something, so we opened the second box and found magnetic entry cards as for a hotel room. (During this time, another couple was looking for Billeting as well.) While we were closing the lock box, we saw an employee unlock the office door and enter. No lights were ever cut on, making it appear there was no one in the office. However, we went in and found a staff person; we told her that we were checking in, but did not understand why we had two emails, two lock boxes and the hotel cards. She said that we had two reservations: one BOQ and one campground. We knew we did not, but she insisted we must. After looking at the computer, she asked us who "John Doe" was -- never heard of him. Then she noticed that someone had entered my email into both reservations, so apparently John Doe never got his email because I got it. Anyway, finished checking in and getting maps and went on our way. We noticed the other couple that were looking for Billeting had found a staff member who brought them back to the office -- we had to tell them someone was in there because the lights were still off and you couldn't see if the office was staffed or not. We were there for two days and never saw the host, although we were told which site to go to if we needed him. We had to download the brochure on this site to determine check out time. However, Sun morning about 1040, the host knocked on the door to let us know checkout was 1100...NOT 1200 as in brochure. We also had to ask where to return the key since we were given 2 maps at checkin but no instructions or SOPs for campground. I found it irinic that we had been there Friday through Sun and the first tome we saw the host it was to tell us we had 20 minutes before checkout. The security staff at the gate were very professional and friendly. We did call to determine the correct gate, and the only question asked was whether we had any type of weapon. We declared my husband's handgun (concealed weapons license and law enforcement officer) and they simply placed a lock on it, but he was allowed to keep the weapon in the rig. We were told if we wanted it unlocked when we left base (since he is allowed to carry under Montana law), they would be happy to unlock it when we left, and relock when we returned. We never bothered. 
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