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June 2018
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Once you get on US-12, just stay on it until you see the VA/Ft Harrison sign. If coming from the east, your GPS might want to route you onto Joslyn St and then Country Club Ave. If you have a big coach, Country Club is a bit rough. It is a more direct route to the Truck Gate though. As per the instructions I received from Billeting when I made my reservation, I called the Main Gate as soon as I saw the Fort. A contract security guard just happened to be there and he waited the few minutes for us to arrive. He took my ID, called in my license plate and name, then I had to let him inside my 5er for a quick look. He later admitted he had no idea why they are required to look inside. You have to call them when you leave, too, so they can open the truck gate for you to depart. Next was a quick stop at the Billeting office which is just a block or 2 straight ahead from the truck gate. I parked on the main street in front of the building. I received the key for the electrical box and and water spigot locks. Key has to be returned to Billeting upon departure. After dropping the key, that is a perfect time to call security to open the truck gate. There is a drop box outside the office door. I also received a copy of the rules, a base map and a fam camp map. Was an easy drive to the RV park and easy to pull into the site. As mentioned in other reviews, the sewer connection is high. Mine was so high it was virtually useless and there is no dump station. So, when I left, I drove around to the opposite side of my site (site 12), putting me on the loop road and high enough to empty my tanks. Slightly inconvenient, but really no big deal. Whomever the engineer was that designed this or contractor who built it, they really dorked up the sewer connections. You can also see each site's utilities are positioned at slightly different spots. Water closer or further from the driveway, same with the sewer connection or electric box. No fenced in dog run, but there is a walking/jogging trail that goes thru the park. Just make sure to pick up your dog's waste. The pet alone rule stated above under "Pet Information" is no longer true. The rules recommend you take your pets, but they are allowed to be left alone inside. Portable pet fences (such as X-pens) are allowed. There is no grass between the sites, just packed, coarse sand. No laundry facilities or showers at the park, but the fitness center is close for showers and there is a laundry room with free washer and dryers to use in the same building as the Billeting office. No cable or wifi at the park, but sites are wide open for satellite and my mifi worked great. Both FedEx and UPS will deliver to your site. There is a Montana military museum near the main gate. This place is very quiet and has nice mountain views. The park host this year is a USN retiree named Jesse and he is a real nice guy. The only real negative I have is the sewer connection. Other than that, it is a nice place for a short stay. 
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