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July 19, 2007
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I agree with the other post. We came through just for one night. The camp site is very remote and very quiet. There we three other RV's in the area but seen no one. It did appear that 2 of them had been there for some time. The grass had just been bush hogged off. For those that don't know what this is, it is a tractor with a hug mower on the back. They cut the weeds down to about 6 inches. The site we were on was next to the small creek and under a tree. The site was very cluttered with beer cans and trash. We were going to police call the site, but ran out of time. Please note( chiggers have ate me up) so make sure you take plenty of spray. Yes, this is about as close to boon-docking as you can get. We parked under a tree for shade so our Datastorm was of no use. We found free WI-FI at the Technology Center which was very fast. When entering the main gate make sure you stay all the way to the right if you are over 12 feet tall. Security will check inside your RV which was no problem for us. Security was very very pleasant as well as where you sign in at the Sportsman Center. Post CSM needs to get involved with cleaning the trash up. We plan on going back through in August and will stay 2 to three night again. Can't beat the value.
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