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3.9 80
Mississippi 131252
4 April - 1 May 2017
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Nice enough campground. We arrived early and were told if we had prior reservations to check the list on the door of the office and park and come back at 1530. No problem. We go parked ok. I found on hooking up our utilities that the sewer line was just a pipe stuck up from the ground, no threads or any way to keep the sewer hose in the hole. Ijust stuck it in the pipe and hoped for the best. We attempted to set up our sattalite dish and found we could not get a signal. I noticed that the neighbors had cable running into their coach so I hooked up ours, remember that we had not got checked in yet, I found that I could only get a set screen on scan of the cable. I went to the office at 1530 and meet a very nice lady that explained the cable needed a box, which she gave me, hooked us up with the usual brochures and paperwork. On the third day I attempted to dump my tanks when I opened my valve the hose blew out of the hole and soaked my feet and the surrounding ground. The drain, because it had no cap on it, was full of leaves and other trash. The mananger called CE on a emergency call out to fix the drain. They came out about an hour later to fix it. The bath houses were in need of some updating really bad. The grounds needed a good clean up. Other than that it was a good campground for the money. We were here in a 38' class A. We will stay here again when we are in the area.
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