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Mississippi 95877
January 17, 2017
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Shields RV Park is actually two parks. The older park just inside of the main gate and the newer park on the far side of the base. Edward was very helpful on the phone when trying to make a reservation. Wanted to have access to internet (medical reasons) and he told me only the old park had Internet connections. Unfortunately there were no openings in the old park on the date of my arrival. So Edward put me in a site at the new park for the first night and into the old park for the remainder of my stay. Facilities were very clean and I only interfaced with Edward and he was exceptional! According to Edward, eventually the new park will also have access to the Internet, it is just taking time to set it up. The antennas are in place and just waiting for the service to be connected. I will be returning here as I really enjoy the Gulf Coast. Hopefully by my return the new park will have wifi as I do like the location of the new park better than the old park. The only negative I have is the cable system they are using. They have cable one and you must use one of their boxes to have cable. Then you must re-cable your wiring to facilitate their box, then call a number to activate the box. Cable one's tech support is horrible and you are put on hold forever. Oh, also there is also a $100.00 deposit on the box (returnable when you return the box and all of its parts). I recommend this park highly and will definitely be back.
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