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Mississippi 131252
April 22 - May 3, 2015
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This is still a nice campground with great hosts. There are some things happening here that I don't like. They have this one section you can only stay for 2 weeks and then have to get out. The rest of the park is open for homesteaders and active-duty at Keesler to live rather than base housing. I found on this visit that homesteaders are now in this 2-week only section. They all have 2 cars or trucks and park anywhere they want to. Our neighbor had a 45 foot toy hauler that took up most of the site and they parked their car almost in the road and the truck whereever. That could mean on the grass next to the one neighbor or the concrete behind my unit. They dropped the tailgate on the toy hauler and used it as a patio and would leave 2 large dogs out there when they left. The dogs barked one day from about 4 pm until when they came home at around 9 pm. Nothing can be done about it because what I hear is that these people claim they are not leaving their dogs outside unintended because the patio is attached to the trailer. I try to remember these people and not park next to them next time. It's still a great place to stay while in the area and we'll be back in about a week. In my opinion, the hosts, Al and Bobbie are about the best anywhere.
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