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Mississippi 131252
May 13 - 20, 2014
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Another great visit. I will say again that the hosts, Bobbie and Al are 2 of the best hosts I'm come across. We arrived around noon and was allowed to choose our site from many. Something happened here on Saturday that I've never seen before. We had been to town and when we arrive back at the camp, there was a Keesler security policeman at the entrance checking IDs. I have never seen this before and asked the host (Al) about it. He said they've been doing this for a long time. We were here for a week in April and never saw it and this was the first time this trip. Al said it was because of what happened at Fort Hood. The officer left about an hour later and was never seen again. If they are worried about an attack, what happens during the time there are no ID checks? An hour here and there makes no sense to me at all. Another first for me at military bases was once going onto Keesler they asked to see my drivers license. None of this was a big deal to me, I'm just mentioning it. This Famcamp has made a complete turnaround from what it used to be and I enjoy staying here very much.
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