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Mississippi 131252
Dec. 15th to Dec. 19th, 2010
(Updated: December 20, 2010)
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Host at check in was Joe and he was very accommodating, he offered us a site in the back but realized it was too small, then he put us in an electric and water site next to another big rig. According to the board his next offer was a big enough site opening up on the 19th. Well the morning of the 19th rolled around and no indication folks in the site were leaving. Different host this day said they had until 11:00 to extend their stay so at 11:45 we asked if they were staying and she told us she had no idea and they did not enforce the 11:00 rule. I told her we would like to know ASAP as we would need to make a reservation someplace else for the next day. Well at 12:30 the people drive out in their truck and we again asked the host what they were doing, she said she had no idea again. This is an example of homesteaders who pretend they are hosts and do not perform the duties of a host, and speaking of homesteaders there had to have been at least a dozen there as many had so much stuff around their RV that looked like it had been there a very long time. In conversation with folks we found some have actually been there 3 years and they move them around to different sites, another person there 6 months and one other 3 months. We are true RV'ers and follow rules so now find this to be a place we will not be quick to go back to.
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