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Nov 3 - Nov 25 2019
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First let me say we travel in a 42ft Motorhome and tow a 4-door Jeep so you can judge the size of your rig if/when we say tight. From I-10 take 49 south to Pass RD. Turn west onto Pass RD and it will lead you straight to the gate. There is a serpentine but it is easily managed. As soon as you go through the gate turn right and you will see the first of the 2 campsites. The office for both sites is in the middle of the 1st campsite. The girls in the office were fantastic. Our site they had original set for us had a power issue which they had already found. They sent us to the 2nd of the 2 campsites. This campsite is newer, lots of space but all back-ins. As I said we are 42ft and had plenty of room. Now here is the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. The Good: Great location, easy to maneuver the streets, quiet and peaceful. Not sure about the 1st campsite because it is near the front with a busy road and active railroad. The Bad: The post is small thus the commissary is lacking. You can pick up basic stuff like milk or chips but much more than that you will need to go to Keesler AFB. Keesler is just 10 miles to the east and their commissary and exchange are both really nice. However if you are reading this and thinking we'll just stay at Keesler I would not recommend it unless you are rather small. The camp at Keesler is not on post and it is very tight. We would not have been able to stay there and we have been in some very tight places. The Ugly: There was nothing ugly here. The office personnel could not have been more helpful. We had some friends that were to arrive when we did but had travel issues and came a couple of days later. The office personnel handle that with ease. They also arranged it so their site was close to ours. If there was anything ugly about Shields at all it would be the speaker pole for Reveille! We were in site 77 and the pole was right in front of us. LOUD! We will certainly stay here again.
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