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Mississippi 96222
2000 and 2001 and 2002
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Too bad its closing, what a big big mistake. That was one if not the best military site I have seen. Am beginning to think the NAVY does not take the cg business to serious. Last year visited the new one in Millington just north of Memphis. They were getting full rates with part of the grounds opened. A year before that they run one off base for half the price to stay and guess that got closed. Too bad. Shields was really great. Guess the one now being used is the old trailer park which was suppose to have been remodled 4 years ago. Am just about to the point where I think maybe the people who retired from a service (such as USAF, NAVY, etc) should have first priority if the service they were in was the service running the cg. In other words if you were retired UASF and on their base you would have priority over other branches of retired people. This would now get the NAVY retired people in gear to do more complaining about such things as this closing a great grounds and maybe also get the NAVY in gear with some of their other grounds.
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