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Massachusetts 122074
June 19, 2017
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I stayed here 19 years ago, nothing has changed n those 19 years and not in a good way. Several windows in the villa (11) we stayed in were broken, they would not open or close using the hand cranks. I reported this problem to the office, someone did come by to look at them; but did not fix any of them. The villas are not air conditioned there fore opening the windows was the only way to stay cool. Bring your own towels, the ones they provide are the same ones we used 19 years ago. Most every thing is out dated and worn out. When they brought clean towels they must of just opened the door and through them in on the floor, because that's where we found them after spending the day in Boston. The location is good for spending the day in Boston or on Cape Cod. The train or ferry are the best ways to get into Boston, the people in the office gave us a copy of the schedules, but could not give us the addresses of any of the stops. We will not be going back.
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