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Massachusetts 92587
August 22-23, 2015
(Updated: January 09, 2016)
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While the campground is a quick train ride to Boston, there is not much to rave about.  The biggest issue I have is the lack of organization in the office.  We knew before calling they don't take reservations, so we called 4 out of 5 days to see what availability there was and if any openings would be coming.  We were looking for a full hookup site and were told each time calling there was nothing open and to call again tomorrow.  We finally had to make reservations at another campground but stopped at Hanscom for two nights since we still needed a place to stay.  I called two hours before we were set to arrive and again was told no full hookup sites were available.  Fine, we could deal without sewer for two days.  When we arrived, we were given the three sites that were open, all water and electric only, and walked over to pick the best one.  When we picked a spot and started walking back with the manager, we found that three full hookup sites were open.  When we asked the manager, he said they must have left and not checked out with the office.  Considering everyone checks in and gives the dates they plan on staying, we could have easily received more information than we did.  Now for the plane noise; its not as bad as say NAS Oceana or any other fighter base, but the air traffic is constant.  Even starting at 7:00 am on Sunday morning.  No matter where in the campground you are, you will hear it and, in some cases, feel it.  Be prepared.  We also had a group of people out at 1:00 am talking three sites down.  I would expect this at any commercial campground and certainly have never experienced this at any military campground, but was shocked when the drunken talking moved further down and continued for about 45 minutes.  We also had people driving by at all hours with thumping stereos.  We expected better behavior from an older crowd.  It does give the impression that the regular seasonal's feel inconvenienced by anyone else showing up at the campground and really don't care how they act. On the plus side, the water, electric and sewer were solid.  Aside from that, we have no reason to return.
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