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Massachusetts 122074
30 June thru 8 July 2013
(Updated: July 05, 2013)
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We were finally able to get reservations at the Fourth Cliff by getting on the phone 75 days and two minutes before our desired arrival date. They did not answer the phone until 8 AM and I was told I had the last slot available. The big business here is the renting of cabins. This also increases the beach traffic which is on the bay side. As for the Campsites, there was only about 6 feet between sites but the reason all were here was to appreciate the ocean and the bay and it can’t be beat for the price. All of our neighbors were from within 30 miles and they use it as a get a way to the ocean and then bring in the family to visit. It is a very reasonable vacation paradise. The kids, and there were loads of them, even have many things to do including a game room. The one way street on check in has you parked going up a hill. If they changed the one way direction, you would be on level ground. The young staff also figures you need a cable box to get their cable TV. There is no deposit on this but you do sign for it and will be charged if you depart without returning it. If you have cable ready on your TV, you do not need the box. We occupied site #6 which was a concrete slab but only 20’ long. It was not level and we had to adjust with the jacks. 50 AMP was a welcome addition. All campsites are in full sun. The rest rooms are brand new and very clean. With the many environmental restrictions, I do not see them expanding the campgrounds and for the beauty surrounding you, we will accept it as it is. It is a very busy place during the daytime but extremely quiet at night. If you love the ocean, it is a wonderful place to spend a week. WIFI was available at the camp office and the manager wants to extend it to the campgrounds. His primary concern at the moment is to save the north end of the cliff as erosion has even taken out a part of the road. Nothing is more beautiful than to watch the sun set over the bay. We will return. Since this was a time of increased security, We had AP’s on duty during the entire time.
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